Welcome to Kar Conversations.com. This is a movement to bring forth to the world, perspectives of the human race, on the topics listed below. The idea is to articulate the essential creative legacy of the race as a whole. The intention is to create a broader appreciation of the heritage, opportunities and responsibilities of being human. At the end, it is all about cherishing a life long joy – the joy of knowing, the joy of having the truth revealed to one’s own self, the joy of Wisdom. For, life is a journey to know. Following is the catalogue of the idea domains –





Conversations on Brain – On the latest discoveries in Neurology, Psychology, Theory of Evolution, Memes, etc.

Conversations on Civilizations – The story of the progress of the human culture.

Conversations on Creativity and Innovation – Reclaiming the power of being human; being creative.

Conversations on Leadership – On latest research on leading knowledge workers in the field of business.

Conversations on Socio-economy – Doing a deep dive into the various means of production and influence of economics in societies.

Conversations on God – The experiments of humanity with the idea of God.

Conversations on Classics – The works of literature of the antiquity.

Conversations on Kindness – Ideas on love, sex, compassion, empathy, and relatedness.

Conversations on Poetry – Ideas of the great poets of the past.

Conversations on Quantum Physics – Understanding quantum physics.

Conversations on Yoga – Understanding Yoga and how it enriches human experience.

Conversations on Flora & Fauna – Knowing about the world of plants and animals.

Conversations on Cosmos – Delving deep into the mysteries of the Cosmos.

Conversations on Cells & DNA – Understanding the working of human body.

Conversations on Lines & Curves – Explorations on visual art.

Conversations on Food – Foray into the world of food and nutrition.

Conversations on Beautiful Minds – Conversations on the greatest thinkers of the world.

Conversations on Humanistic Capitalism – Discovering humanity through capitalism.

Conversations on Music – Ideas on Hindustani Classical Music.

Conversations on Internet – Knowing closely the mystical digital world of Internet.

Content can be accessed for each of these topics by rolling over your mouse to respective menus on the top. The topics are categorized into – Self, Society, Science and Business, with each main menu item dedicated to the corresponding category.

Additionally on the left side there are links to conversations on several books discussing about this legacy of human race, categorized into different genres, and also conversations on various important ideas which have been thought by many great minds.


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